We Are Growing!

We Are Growing!

Mo Willems, Laurie Keller 지음 / Disney-Hyperion



In this family of plants everyone is growing so fast.
Everyone is great at something and the most 'est' of the family. But what about Walt? He isn’t the anything-est!
Help Walt discover what his special 'est' is.

식물가족들은 아주 빠르게 자라고 있어.
이런 식물들은 각자 최고인 것을 찾았는데 Walt는 아직 아무것도 못찾았나봐…
자신만 평범하다고 생각하던 Walt에게도 특별한 무언가가 있을거야! 우리 함께 찾아보지 않을래?